Investors Using Behavior Analysis & Body Language to Prevent Fraud Reply

Christopher Falkenberg appears on CNBC’s Opening Bell with Dr. Elizabeth Prial

Insites Human Factor Integrity mixes best-in-breed investigative and forensic accounting, background investigations and other due diligence practices with the unique addition of deception detection analysis. Former FBI Agent and behavior analyst Dr. Elizabeth Prial has joined Insite Security to offer the companys clients a comprehensive behavioral assessment of the individuals with whom they are considering an investment or engagement by providing on-site observation and real-time feedback regarding the veracity of a subject’s statements and the congruence between their verbal and non-verbal behaviors.

Dr. Prial is one of a handful of experts globally who have been trained by the U.S. Government and other experts in detecting deception, facial action coding, micro-expression recognition and, statement analysis. and risk assessment.