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Human Chess

The purpose of this site is to share with you a new paradigm – the one I call “Human Chess.” In a government career spent identifying and hunting down spies, terrorists, and other enemies of the United States, I became a master at the skill sets behind “Human Chess.” As a student of human nature, I learned how to interpret acts, add context and understanding, and shape the actions of others. I discreetly – and sometimes not so discreetly — manipulated them. I got them to do not what they wanted, but rather what I wanted them to do. In time, I could even predict specific acts they were going to take as well as when they intended to conduct said act. My expertise in manipulating people and their environments earned me the nickname, “The Puppet Master.”

That said, during my government service, I only used these unique skills to, as I explained to my children, “do bad things to bad people.” In reality, I didn’t do anything bad – I simply brought justice to those who sought to harm others. I have now “re-purposed” the tools and insights I learned during a lifetime of catching spies and interrogating terrorists to help you get more out of life. By better understanding ourselves and others, all things become possible, both personally and professionally.

Thanks for visiting and welcome to the “instructions guide” for the game you’re already playing!

The Founder

Chris Simmons is an internationally known authority on espionage issues, especially Cuba’s intelligence services.  An Army paratrooper turned master spy-catcher & terrorist hunter, Simmons is:

• One of America’s most successful spy-catchers, having destroyed or crippled the careers of over 80 spies, including:

  • Being a central figure in the identification, investigation, and debriefing of convicted Cuban spy, Ana Belen Montes:  the highest-ranking Cuban spy ever imprisoned in the US.
  • Being the lead military official in the May 2003 expulsion of 14 Cuban spies serving under diplomatic cover, the third largest expulsion of diplomats in US history.
  • Identifying the anomaly that led to the investigation and arrest of Dr. Alberto Coll, a Naval War College professor and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense.

• A highly decorated four-time war veteran (Grenada, Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan), his interrogation operations were so feared by Al Qaeda that his interviewing center earned the nicknames, “The Cemetery” and “The Devil’s Den.”

  • He was decisive in helping destroy terrorist operations intended to prevent the 2005 Iraqi elections while assigned to the legendary Special Operations unit, “Task Force 6-26.”
  • Simmons also personally uncovered an Al-Qaeda deception operation intended to destroy U.S.-Iraqi relations and kill 300 Iraqis.
  • In Iraq, he oversaw the interrogation of 732 captured detainees, resulting in an unprecedented 99% cooperation rate among these High-Value Individuals.
  • Returning to the US, Lieutenant Colonel Simmons saved the lives of 12 suicidal/despondent soldiers while leading a high-stress, high-visibility Crisis Hotline established by the Pentagon.

Simmons also authors a blog called Cuba Confidential: The source for news on Cuban espionage worldwide


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  2. This is going to be an interesting blog, and quite a pleasure really since of all the guy´s you´ve interrogated hopefully there was one that I helped put in your hands, who knows, the Spanish army wasn´t there to capture nobody but a couple of us did have the opportunity to work with the americans and to my surprise while standing guard I see a guy with a portable fingerprint and eye scanner(I couldn´t believe the technology you guys had,I felt like we where the soldiers of the stone age), that was a laugh! I was one of the few spaniards in the element that knew english since I spend in the U.S half my life, so I broke all military protocol´s and went to my counterpart who I think was a sergeant, I was just a private 1st class and retired as such, and started laughing at the guy cause he had to do the eye thing again I said something to the effect “Having eye problems?” gotta a mouthful by my spanish superior telling me to get back on guarding my sector. Gotta laugh in those environments, get´s depressing if you don´t. I love human nature so I think your military speciality can be applied at every day life. I was going to end with what I always say..Stay Frosty(keep your eyes open, ears open,process information at optimal speed and deliver accurately what you´ve trained yourself for), but I can´t with a person like you.

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