13 Ways a Liar Can Say “No,” But Mean “Yes” Reply

By Chris Simmons

When using the word “no” in a denial, deceptive individuals unwitting draw attention to their lie by falling into distinctive response patterns. While not fool-proof, these inadvertent behavioral cues often indicate deception:

1. The extended “No” (i.e., any “no” that lasts several seconds).
2. “No” immediately followed by defensive body language such as crossing of the arms or legs.
3. A belated “No” (in contrast to previous responses that were timely).
4. “No” followed by an extended closing of the eyes.
5. The pre-emptive “No” (when he/she answers “No” before you’ve even finished asking the question).
6. A “No” followed by a severe break in eye contact (such as 90-degree turn of the head).
7. The breathless “No.”
8. A rapid-fire “No.”
9. “No” accompanied by a vacant stare.
10. A “No” delivered with a direct, unblinking stare.
11. The repeated “No.”
12. “No” accompanied by the vigorous shaking of the head, pounding on a table, etc.
13. A “No” followed by a laugh or smirk.

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