Changing The Way We Mourn 1

How do you go from world traveler to funeral counselor the span of one phone call? In her talk, Laura Prince explores the transformative power of grief , death, and her passion for changing the way we as a society approach death.

While studying Gerontology and working with elders who where close to their own death, she became inspired to celebrate life and live as passionately as possible. Later while working on the National Geographic Expedition ships, a tragic unexpected death in her close circle led her inadvertently into a career in the death care industry. To this day, it has been the most passionate time of her life. She is currently working on an organization called Good Mourning offering death education, holistic grief counseling, and funeral planning services. Laura stresses the importance of properly honoring the those who have died, as well as our resulting grief. By becoming closer to the reality of death, we can live more present, passionate lives.

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  1. I cannot me more exited with this blog than any mare mortal can relate to. I just lost my dad and in my moment of grief I have come to realise that there’s a purposeful attempt by man to mourn the loss of a loved one and the way and manner we approach it is somewhat astonishing. I loved my dad and still love him but I can’t discern if I’m mourning so because I loved and still love him or because society prescribes it to be so. I want to mourn my dad for the right reasons is my point.

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